A Chocolatey Treat That's SUPER EASY!!

About this time last year my husband came home from work RAVING about a treat that a co-worker's wife made for everyone. I knew they had to be good, because instead of bringing me one home to try - he brought me the recipe AND the stuff to make it!

I've heard these called many different names.. OREO BALLS.. OREO TRUFFLES.. OREO CHEESECAKE BITES.. No matter what you call it.. these bad boys are DELICIOUS!

Here is your ingredients list:

1 package of Oreos
(I prefer the plain regular Oreos although they do have a Peppermint Oreo out now for the holidays and I intend to modify this recipe a little and see what I can come up with)
2 packages of Cream Cheese
(Do NOT get the Fat Free Cream Cheese. The balls will not set up right and it's a mess. Besides you are mixing them into a WHOLE bag of Oreos.. who's worried about a few calories?!)
1 package of Chocolate Almond Bark (or a couple of cups of milk chocolate chips)

First things first.. Take a whole bag of Oreos

Chop them up in a food processor - or blender - or throw them into a plastic freezer bag and get to smashing. I use my blender.
Once they are all crushed into Oreo crumbles put them into a big bowl to mix with the cream cheese. I use my stand mixer, but you could do this by hand with a little muscle.

Next, add two softened packages of cream cheese to the Oreo crumbles.

Switch your mixer on, or get to mixing and mashing.

Eventually, you will have a Oreo dough. Like this..
 Scrap down the sides of the bowl and make sure that your cream cheese is mixed in well. It's not as tasty to have a big cream cheese bite.

Then you will take a spoonful of the Oreo dough and roll them into a ball. I usually sit them on wax paper as I finish rolling them. You'll need the wax paper later, so this saves you washing a plate or cookie sheet that's covered in Oreos and cream cheese.

Once all of the Oreo dough is rolled into balls, you'll need to melt the chocolate. Be careful to follow the directions exactly. Some packages will prefer microwave, some stove top or double boiler. No matter what method you use, keep a close eye on your chocolate. If it gets too hot it'll caramelize and ruin the whole batch. If you have never melted chocolate before, you may want to start with a small amount.

Next, you'll dip, roll, or otherwise submerge your Oreo balls into the chocolate. Once you remove from the chocolate, place back on the wax paper. Remember to be careful. The chocolate is very warm and can burn you easily.

Now, you can decorate your Oreo balls in anyway you like. I like to melt a handful of white chocolate chips in a small bowl and then drizzle them over the balls. They look pretty and the white chocolate covers any mistakes in your chocolate covering.

These are always a big hit and don't take much time at all to put together. Start to finish is about half an hour and costs about $6 for the whole batch. They look like they are hard work and taste like it too!

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